Exhibit 37 web


“I have two daughters. They are by different mothers, but my exes, they get along. We don’t all spend time, but they know each other, pass children back and forth, sometimes have heart to hearts. I spend a lot of time with my music, but I try to see my daughters every day. They don’t live with me. That is best for everyone, I think.” –Leah Johnston

Perfect, sitting in for Jimmy Noonan. –Paul Yamazaki

“Licorice stick” is the name of that thing.. That wood, Tony Scott said, “They call it grenadilla. It’s what they hung Jesus, and all those criminals from, on the cross.” After they played their first number, Scott said “We oughta copyright that thing.” Buddy De Franco said “We ought to have copyrighted it 60 years ago.” –Steve Dickison

Gorgeously NOMI-esque… –Eric D. Clark

The kind that could get into a knife fight over the use of a diminished chord in the 5th bar of a twelve bar blues. –Michael Cavaseno

They call you “Blue” because no one can remember your name after you leave with the finest girl in the club but they definitely remember that you blew some serious shit while you were on the bandstand. –Kevin Carnes

Barney Bigard!!!! -David Boyce

Synesthete distracted by color of the night. –Janaki Ranpura


Exhibit 38 web


Anything really does help. That’s never even stretched the definition, of “anything” or of “help.” A dixie cup isn’t just whistling dixie. Disposable used to be the term applied to picnic goods, useful if waste engendering paper objects. The once new idea of the “product.” Thus the word got applied to plastics. Then, and henceforth, it’s been engineered insidiously, suited to fit people. Disposable People. There’s a book, you can look it up. Keep your hoodie zipped for warmth and semi/impossible anonymity. Keep your clothes color-crayoned the color of shadows. Keep your things in a waterproof sack, if you’re able. Keep your good humor up. Keep and propagate, what do you call it: empathy, without which, like the song goes, nobody’s anybody nohow. –Steve Dickison

I’m curious about this person. His/Her handwriting stacks neatly in order. The slightly slanted to the left gives a feeling of sensitivity and isolation at the same time. –Chompunutt Mayta

homeless person looking mean –Jeri James

The invisible man can be seen with Rowdy Roddy Pipers’ sunglasses…. –Beth Moore-Love

Had been raped by clergy –Wendy Ultan




Exhibit 39 low res


This need and this mess are a place from which I’ll steer clear for now. I know there are plenty who will take this one in. The vulnerability is too surface-visible not to get another bidder. I got other things to do ~~ Janaki Ranpura


Oh, boy.

And it’s a boy!  Traveling at the speed of light.  Stuffed toy was recommended by his supervisor for those late nights while coding new apps. The books & magazines  are a retro statement. No one at his firm reads “evil” paper anymore. Think of it as a personal announcement of being “special”, outside the immediate inside, without really being outside. His smile begs the “cute” gurl just down from Portland in the cubicle next to his to help him ask a boy in a different department to “hook” up with him as he waggish and shy, even though he twitters an average couple dozen tweets an hour. When he grows old he will be clueless and not care because his meds will be infused directly into his bloodstream by a  device that is part of his smart watch (soon to be grafted into his wrist via 6 month minimum renewable lease.) Life is so good. –Peter Maravelis

Small dose of acid taking Google techie drunk on vodka infused cocktails cutting in front of me on line at my neighborhood tacqueria sometime around last call. His name is Cooper and he’s from Tennessee. He went to Clemson been living in the city for four years. –David Boyce

Johnny Depp’s long time stunt double. Only he knows that you’re a better actor than him but you’re cool with it because you hate interviews and all the trappings of Hollywood. –Kevin Carnes

the world’s greatest chess player, frank ‘muppet’ shapiro. –Dave Mihaly

At 11:30am, Peter decided to move all the contents from his top drawer into the closet. This was a big deviation from his standard routine of eating a bologna sandwich and watching the Price is Right. –Rebecca Cross




No one in the Drag community thought you were a real assassin. –Kevin Carnes

koan kitt, changeling sibling of eartha and drum –Dave Mihaly

Just killed James Bond. No more sequels. Grieve it, bitches. –Emily Carter

Even though the wife and kids were visiting Grandma for the entire week, Harold double bolted the front door, the hallway door, the bedroom door AND the closet door. –Rebecca Cross




When the water appeared you made boats

when the fish appeared you made nets

when the fish were sparse you made due

when the fish disappeared from the sea

you made an offering

when the water dried up you made a wish

the hands that scaled fish

that sewed nets

that built boats

now stitch wishes

and tuck dreams into creases

and folds

and boats

and boats

and the night time

and the dark

and the sound

of the rushing sea

and a dream

and a lie

and what remains

-Walter Kitundu



Sweet man. Smells like cinnamon –Wendy Ultan


Exhibit 42

Exhibit 42

I thought sex would be enough to heal his wounds, but he wouldn’t communicate enough. I mean, he could communicate with his body, and I thought that was enough. It wasn’t. He was also sometimes violent. There was so much pain there. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t, I wasn’t strong enough. It hurt too much and it just seemed like we ended up hurting each other more as a result. It wasn’t something we could fuck away. I thought it would, I thought it could. He was so good. But even that was, well, sometimes love is saying goodbye. I am glad I still have this photo though. It means a lot to me. -Justin Desmangles

My dear poet soul, saying little. When you speak, it’s worth paying attention. -Janaki Ranpura

Exhibit 43 for web

Exhibit 43

Lord mercy a ghost spirit a mischief howler. -Jade Brooks

Ghost of charcoal, irreducible smudge in the corridor. This one I cannot wait to meet, even though it will be a meeting that will make my hair crawl. –Janaki Ranpura

You’re a “Ghost Fixer” for those individuals who have tried and failed to challenge big business or government over work place, environmental, or corporate injustices. You, somehow, manage to infiltrate the dreams of those who seem to have no conscience and bring them into a “better” sense of humanity and kindness. –Kevin Carnes

Gravity Shadow. . Bipolar polyglot .Obsessed w sweeping. –Dave Mihaly


Exhibit 44

Mr. Todd waiting to cross the street it is late afternoon and all he’s done is errands. –Jade Brooks

listening toward life-death-life decision about the betrayer –Gayle Mohrbacker

I know his shoes, white wingtips. I know the quarter he flips through his fingers. It stays shiny. I know his cane, I know his pocket watch. But usually he has a smile. Today he’s tired. And when he’s tired, he can be deadly. –Janaki Ranpura

A collector of money and souls… _Josiahluis Alderete

Even Shrimp Boy is afraid to say your name and made sure not to mention you during his trial. –Kevin Carnes

Exhibit 45 for web

Exhibit 45

pass the sprouts + pass the IPA. this guy sets up sound equipment I can tell –Jade Brooks

“Gone.  Our city.  Here’s where it was.” –Gayle Mohrbacker

This is the only kind of guy who messengers in Manhattan, wearing his SF t-shirt and wondering when the fuck if ever he’ll get back home. Not another winter here, please. –Janaki Ranpura

“They Broke My heart” –San Francisco –Emily Carter

Exhibit 46 for web

Exhibit 46

I’m gonna bang on this thing till I can walk straight through to the other side. –Janaki Ranpura

“As expected.  A fatality now.  I accuse, spare, teach.” –Gayle Mohrbacker


Exhibit 47 for web

Exhibit 47

Singing is a power. When I’m up there, it’s my magic circle. I want to get out of here for sure, but when I’m in that circle of light, I’m in an incantation, safe. I can just enjoy this body I have, this person I am, instead of having to steer it all the time, tirelessly, always with bravery, in the direction of some ultimate freedom. I just get a moment to relax and have a good time. -Janaki Ranpura

Exhibit 48 for web

Exhibit 48

Some nights, I don’t got it. Notes wrong. Sweaty, distracted. Some nights, though, I can feel all of them, every livid quivering cunt. They want to fuck my shadow. –Janaki Ranpura

When mercury is in retrograde, this man is compelled to sing in a pitch that summons his shadow for a dance. –Jake Head

Exhibit 49 for web

Exhibit 49

You have restored more than half of the Victorians in the Western Addition, often times making journeys to the mountains to find the exact “old growth” woods that were originally used to build them. You prefer to work alone because you have a low tolerance for “craftsmen” and that means your projects take far longer to complete but are worth every dollar. You enjoy cheap beer and expensive Bourbon. Your wife runs the business because you’re terrible at it and your collection of vintage tools is unparalleled. –Kevin Carnes

Since my husband retired, he can’t stop fixing the house. At least our nephew has a place now; sometimes I send him over there, when I just want a little peace, a day with no paint fumes. I appreciate his skill. A woman my age, though, some days I just want to watch soaps, not stand all day ready to help with his manias. –Janaki Ranpura

Exhibit 50 for web

Exhibit 50

Exhibit 51 for web

Exhibit 51

My guy, he’s a powerful beast, mean in the ring. I’ve never missed a fight. When he’s in the corner between bouts, half-dying from lack of water and stars in his head and I don’t know what, that’s when I see him as he really wants to be, you know? No country or kin. He’s just pure animal, all the way there. Nothin’ in his eyes. I know that’s what he loves, and that’s when I love him the most. –Janaki Ranpura


Exhibit 52


Exhibit 53






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