tân khánh


red earth.

like soil.

like. mars.


My current practice focuses on the abstract time, abstract identities, and abstract states of creative marronage people of color inhabit as they contend with their contested status under the fraught conditions of modern life. Working primarily with oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and watercolor on canvas and paper, it seeks an aesthetic reconciliation between hearing and sight, between seeing and sound – the visualization of a dimension of the senses that is emphatically collective, affirmative and liberating. My work is attentive to the flux and gravity of history’s presence in people, places, spirit and matter – ancestral and imposed, natural and unnatural. The energy, motion and multiplicity of this demanding interchange is jazz infused, operating in double and triple time, an improvised negotiation that overlaps, intertwines, and reflects upon itself and the world as it unfolds.

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